Yearbooks are fine, but some teachers create personal ways to remember each year's students. ShaRee Castlebury, a first grade teacher in Lawton, Okla., decided to create a wearable keepsake by asking her students to decorate a plain white dress. The kids obliged, covering the dress with artwork and colorful messages of love.
"I fall in love with them and then you have to push them on and I wanted to do something to hold onto that," Castlebury told the Lawton Constitution. She intends to create a new dress every spring and wear it to future class events, such as fifth-grade or high school graduations. 

Castlebury gave her students fabric markers and let them sign and decorate her dress as they pleased. When they were finished, she sprayed it with protectant to preserve the kids' work.

Castlebury plans on wearing the dress again on the first day of school in the fall, to welcome her new students with a preview of their first grade adventure. 

"Happy last day of school with my precious Picassos!" Castlebury wrote in her Facebook post with the photos of the dress.

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