Grace VanderWaal walked onto the "America's Got Talent" stage as a schoolgirl holding a ukulele and not many expectations. She left with a prediction from judge Simon Cowell that she may be the next Taylor Swift and a Golden Buzzer pass sending her straight to the live round of the talent competition.

"This is a show about surprises," said judge Howie Mandel after the audience and judges gave VanderWaal a standing ovation. "You used the word 'miracle,' and I think you are a living, beautiful, walking miracle. Your original about people not knowing your name is so right and so wrong because I think the world is going to know your name!"

Teen Vouge's entertainment writer Isis Briones wrote that the 12-year-old's original composition, "instantly sounds like it belongs on the radio." Obviously, many agree. Less than 24 hours after being posted on the "America's Got Talent" YouTube page, the clip had almost 300,000 views.

Make sure your friends see this performance that everyone is talking about now. Pass along this video and get credit for tipping them off to the next big thing!