John Hetlinger told "America's Got Talent" judges that the talent show was more important to him than his work on the Hubble Telescope. The 82-year-old former aerospace engineer and Navy pilot detailed his distinguished career before letting loose with a song that sent him into the talent show stratosphere - Drowning Pool's metal classic, "Bodies."

"It's no coincidence that Hetlinger rhymes with headbanger," NPR reported on the performance, noting that Hetlinger had also been featured on the Facebook page Born and Bred Metalhead. The NPR story reports that the retiree's performance received a million views in just seven hours on the metal social media site.

Hetlinger admitted that his talent discovery was recent. He only started singing karaoke after his retirement 15 years ago.

The original performers gave their seal of approval as well. A post on Drowning Pool's Facebook page read, "Shout out to the 82-year-old dude that sang 'Bodies' on America's Got Talent. You are welcome to join us on stage anytime !!!"

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