Most people simply watch a cake quickly disappear. However, cake decorator Angela Hubert gives step-by-step instructions for making a magical color-changing cake that will have crowds staring before cutting the first slice. Hubert acknowledges that she did not create this design, stating it was one of the first tricks she learned in cake decorating.

"The icing comb and turntable are nothing special, and can be found in any craft store that has cake decorating supplies," Hubert states in the comments. After icing the cake and using the comb to create the base pattern, the designer sprays shallow colors with an airbrush from different angles. This creates sections of colors in the wavy grooves left by the comb.

If you're planning on replicating this fabulous cake, you might start early for a little practice. A story reported from TODAY revealed that in a Country Crock survey, 55 percent of surveyed parents made their child's birthday cake between 10 PM and midnight, the night before a birthday party. An additional 21% baked the cake between midnight and 2 AM the day of the party. That's a lot of tired party parents.

Pass this tutorial along to creative cake bakers and see if you get a multicolor magic cake in return!