Let’s take a stroll down memory lane with this 1964 clip from "American Bandstand." The beloved host, Dick Clark, takes a moment to introduce the teens before inviting them to showcase their moves in a segment of the show called "Spotlight Dance." The young couples remained totally in sync as they cut a rug to "Just Like Romeo & Juliet" by The Reflections.

A glimpse into a simpler time, many people enjoyed viewing the weekly show. The focus was largely on the new sound of rock'n'roll, modern dance moves, and the latest fashion trends and hairstyles. What once started as a national broadcast transformed into a taped show that many people remember fondly.

According to History, "Bandstand" was the original name of the local Philadelphia-based radio show hosted by Bob Horn. However, it was once Dick Clark took over that the show was selected to fill the 3:30 slot on ABC and it was renamed "American Bandstand." The show quickly became the source for hearing the latest and greatest hits and seeing the moves and style of the average teenager.

Airing from 1956 to 1989, "American Bandstand" was relatable to thousands of teens. Not only did it give young people the opportunity to listen and discuss the latest music, but on a larger scale, it influenced an entire culture.

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