When nurse Sarah Putnam was unexpectedly granted custody of her infant granddaughter, she was in a bind WTVR reported. She needed baby gear, and lots of it, quickly. Putnam, who works at Doctor’s Hospital in Henrico County, Va., was trying to adjust when one of her coworkers, Pam Medina, learned about her situation. Medina told Putnam that she would take care of everything. 
And take care of everything she did, Medina posted Putnam’s story on several Facebook pages where people buy and exchange used goods. People who had baby stuff to get rid of responded to Medina. Soon, Medina found herself driving all around the local area picking up used baby goods for her coworker.

"I picked up two strollers, a rock 'n' play, a baby swing set, a ton of clothes, and bottles," she said to WTVR. After they collected everything, Medina and her husband loaded up their car and drove to the hospital to surprise Putnam. 

Medina's husband filmed Putnam's reaction according to WTVR. When Putnam saw everything that Medina had gathered for her, she was floored. She said, according to WTVR, "Oh my God! What have you done?" Then she started to sob before she said, "Thank you everybody!"

When Putnam started crying, Medina cried as well. Her tears were happy tears though. She was elated that she was able to do something good for a coworker, but she was also in awe of the kindness of strangers.  "I am still overwhelmed by the response of folks who did not know me and did not know her," she said to WTVR.