Who doesn't flip over a great summer day at the beach? If you're this talented 2-year-old named Emerson, you just do it with a bit more style. Turns out her dad, Andrew, a cheerleading instructor, knows a few things about perfect cheer posture. The 2014 clip gained significant attention after an Instagram post, by the man's cousin, actress Brooklyn Decker.
According to People, the tumbling tot flips and poses in a variety of locations, including poolside and the gym. The collection of stunts now lives on an Instagram account featuring Emerson and her progression of tumbling stunts. Now, four, she's traded in her beachside bikini for a full cheerleading uniform.

According to an interview with USA Today, Varsity Spirit founder Jeff Webb estimates 750,000 participants in U.S. high school cheerleading and approximately 20,000 in colleges and university. Webb, who is pushing for a cheering category in the Olympics also estimates nearly half a million participants in club cheerleading, along with another half a million youth cheerleaders.

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