A family is in mourning after twin 3-year old boys drown in a friend's pool while they were visiting for a barbecue in Anderson County, South Carolina according to WYFF 4. Local police arrived on the scene on Saturday afternoon. 
The boys, Caleb and Ezekiel were both taken to the hospital after their older sister asked to go swimming. A key was needed to access the pool area, but the boys crawled under or climbed over a fence to get inside, according to USA Today. 


"There's a pretty good gap on one side of the fence and pretty much an adult could've crawled under it," County Deputy Cornoner Don McCown said, USA Today reports. 

The boys were in the water for 15 or 20 minutes before they were discovered, according to USA Today. Caleb was pronounced dead at the hospital on Saturday afternoon. Ezekiel died in the hospital Sunday afternoon, according to WYFF 4. 

Pool Safety.Gov recommends the following tips for keeping little kids safe around swimming pools and spas:

-Never leave a child unattended in or near water
-Teach children how to swim
-Ensure all pools and spas have drain covers
-Install barriers, covers and alarms around private pools
-Know how to perform CPR

 A GoFundMe Account has been set up to help the family with medical and funeral expenses.