A Kansas truck driver, Trent McCain, took a doll to work, took pictures, posted them on Facebook and the Internet exploded. Well sort of. According to NY Daily News, more than 200,000 people have viewed the unusual photos that chronicle a day in the life of Abbie, a fashionably dressed female doll with piercing blue eyes and wild pig tails. The photo series shows Abbie watching grain being loaded onto a truck and snacking on a Coke and Slim Jim among other things. 
The doll belongs to McCain’s daughter Joselyn. McCain took the doll with him while he was hauling goods around his local area because Joselyn asked him to do it. He said that Joselyn asked him to babysit her doll Abbie one night. He didn’t think Joselyn was serious, so he agreed. The next day when he was leaving to go to work, Joselyn reminded him to take Abbie. He took the doll and decided to make the experience fun for everyone by taking pictures. 

He said in a Facebook post about his adventures babysitting Abbie, “I didn't want Joselyn thinking I threw Abbie in the sleeper and forgot about her.”

McCain, who works for McCain Enterprises, a family-owned trucking company, even got his dad and granddad in on the action. McCain took a picture of his dad looking after Abbie while she sat in the cab of a company truck and McCain’s granddad toted Abbie around over his shoulder like she was a real baby. 

McCain posted the photos in near real time on Facebook where Jocelyn was keeping an eye-out for updates on Abbie. McCain said to USA Today that she sent him instructions about Abbie all day.