In today’s selfie-obsessed world, acts of kindness are like Bigfoot—-elusive, rare and possibly mythical. So when you see somebody do the right thing, you have to make it known. A woman at a big box wholesaler saw someone do something kind for someone else, so she whipped out her smart phone, took a pic and submitted it to Love What Matters, a Facebook page that highlights everyday kindness.

Courtnie Quinton was at Costco with her kids. She was in the checkout line when she saw a blind man in the store. The man was in the Costco food court trying to make his way to the soda fountain. Quinton said the man was holding his cup with his teeth and using his walking stick to try to navigate his way through the crowd. Many people saw the man trying to make his way to the fountain, but only one person got up to help him. The stranger who came to the blind man’s aid read off the soda selection to the blind man, helped him fill up his cup, led him to a clean table and ensured he had his food.

Quinton said she didn’t know the guy who opted to be a hero instead of a gawker, but the world would be a better place if more people were like him. Most of the commenters on the Facebook post agreed with Quinton’s sentiment, but some, such as Arsalina Rehman, said we can do one better. Rehman wrote, “Instead of needing more people like that; we need to be like that.”