"America’s Got Talent" contestant, Ryan Beard, proves he can carry a tune and stir up a good laugh with his comedic performance. Once learning that Beard was homeschooled, judge Simon Cowell asks, “Did it help with girls?” Beard chuckles to himself as he explains that he’s never had a girlfriend, but the ironic title of the song he performs is “Ladies Man.” 

The 18-year-old singer from Kansas City pokes fun at himself and his experience with homeschooling in his original song. The crowd bursts out in laughter to lines like, “Who needs friends or relationships? I can get those things from my cat.” Beard’s funny antics don’t stop there as he describes the awkwardness of taking exams in the nude and his mother being his date to the prom. Beard’s hilarious performance was a total win that captured the audience from start to finish. 

Did Beard really take his mom to the prom? In an interview with "America’s Got Talent," he confesses that isn’t exactly true. He did, however; take a fellow homeschooled girl to a prom which he says was “almost as embarrassing.” Beard enjoys making others laugh, and he says that performing for judge How Mendel was the reason he did the show in the first place. Beard said this, “Seeing him laugh at my jokes was like, “yes!”—a fellow comedian gets it.” Beard also claims he really is a ladies man, although there isn’t exactly “concrete proof.” 

Is Beard really a “ladies man”? See for yourself. Catch Beard’s entire performance in the video below.