The kindness of strangers can really go a long way. When Brent Price, 19, was killed in a car accident in West Memphis, Ark. Days before Independence Day, his family was understandably distraught. A 10-year-old boy sought to bring the family a little comfort during their period of grief.
The first time Max let Price’s family know he cared for them was when he scrounged up $4 and some change and gave it to the family during the candlelight vigil they held for Brent, WALB reported. When the vigil was over, he came back with $20. He told Price’s family that he’d been saving the money for a guitar, but God told him to donate it to them. All told, Max donated about $30 to the grieving family.

According to a crowdfunding page posted on behalf of the Price family, Max’s donation will go a long way, as the family didn’t have insurance on Brent and don’t have enough money to pay for his funeral.  Price died in a three-car accident at an intersection in West Memphis around 9 a.m. on June 30, Michael Grossman reported. He was attempting to turn left at a local intersection when a driver traveling southbound crashed into him. His car was pushed into a northbound lane and was hit by another vehicle. Price was taken to Regional One hospital in Memphis, Tenn., but he died at the hospital.