A 9-year-old Wisconsin boy unwittingly started a trend in his hometown of Sheboygan Falls when he wore a pink shirt to school one day. The day William Gierke wore the pink shirt to Sheboygan Falls Elementary school, he was bullied relentlessly. He was bullied so badly, he didn’t want to go to school any more, TMJ4 reported.

Then Gierke’s teacher did something amazing—he wore a pink shirt to school to show that it’s okay and even cool for boys to wear pink.  Gierke’s mom posted a picture of her son and his teacher wearing pink shirts on Facebook, and it went viral in their local community.

Other men in Sheboygan Falls donned pink shirts to show solidarity with Gierke. One man, Craig Senglaub, worked with Gierke and his family to create pink T-shirts to sell to Sheboygan Falls football fans. They donated the money they raised from selling the shirts to a local cancer society.


Gierke said that he has more friends since he became a local celebrity. Gierke’s mom, Tomi said she was shocked that something this good could come out of a bad situation. “I didn’t think that all this good would come from my son wearing a pink t-shirt,” she said. “To be able to pass the good on, has been incredible."