A Wisconsin cheerleader's February 2015 practice proved more exhilarating that expected. That's because what 17-year-old Delainey Smith thought was a regional competition practice before the squad's parents actually included her father, home from a long deployment with the U.S. Navy.

"She does know I'm coming home," said William Smith, a Navy fire control man and Delaney's father before the surprise reunion. "She does know it's in February. She just doesn't know it's today." Upon seeing her father the young cheerleader's legs failed her. She collapsed and burst into tears before running to hug her father.

"I'm happy that he's home and that he actually gets to come to regionals," the surprised daughter said about her father's homecoming.

According to a YouTube video post later that year, Westosha Central High did advance to the Wisconsin state cheerleading finals. Perhaps the extra joy of this touching reunion helped their chances.

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