A couple of police officers in Florida showed that good guys don’t always wear white, sometimes they wear blue. The police officers, Deputy Sean Cronin and Field Training Officer Anthony Gonnelly of the the Brevard County Sherriff’s Office helped a woman who they met on the job with some much needed items. The officers met the woman during a routine traffic stop, according to a Fox 26 report. While they spoke to her about her minor traffic infraction, they realized she and her family were in dire straits. She needed a car seat for her infant and food to feed her family.

Officers Cronin and Gonnelly worked with another unit in their organization to get a new car seat and groceries for the woman and her family. The car seat was donated, but the officers paid for the groceries out of their own pocket. The sheriff of the Brevard County Police Department commended the officers for their work in a Facebook post. He said both officers “realize that at any given moment in life it could be one of us that experiences a tough time,” and that “they also know how fortunate we are to have a community that takes care of us while partnering together to make Brevard County an awesome place to call home!"