A police officer is being commended for a random act of kindness. The unnamed officer was in line at fast food chain McDonald's. A young African-American man was in line ahead of him. When the young man placed his order and was about to pay, the white police officer reportedly told the young man, “No, man I got it. Get what you want.” He then paid for the young man’s meal.

Jayy Delarosa a Texas woman was witness to the interaction. When she saw what was happening, she took a snap of the police officer and the young man. She uploaded her photo to Facebook and reported the positive incident to the world. She said that what she witnessed “touched her heart” and proves that not all officers are bad. She included the “all lives matter” hashtag in her post seemingly to bring awareness to the idea that despite recent racial unrest in the United States, all people are important, not specific races or genders.

Her photo has started to go viral where it also appears to be moving those who have happened upon it. In the comments section of her post, Delarosa responded to friends who were amazed at how quickly the photo is making its way around Facebook. She said she can’t believe how quickly the photo is gaining traction either.

Police officers buying meals for strangers to show that they aren’t bad people seems to be on the uptick. Recently, in Homestead, Penn., a group of police officers, who were dining out, paid a couple’s tab. The couple didn’t want to sit next to the officers in the restaurant. The officers paid the couple’s bill to show that they are there to serve, not harm their local community.