While "America's Got Talent" contestant Axel Perez balanced on a high, unstable tower, the audience and judges seemed unable to balance their desire to watch or look away. Even notorious judge Simon Cowell couldn't stop the torment shown in his face as the young performer increased the risk and height of his balance stunts. 
"That's crazy! Are you kidding me?" judge Mel B. could be heard muttering into the microphone as Perez built his balancing tower even higher in his act. When not shielding her eyes, judge Heidi Klum wondered aloud, "How are you even getting up on this?" The remaining judges simply look on in a combination of terror and awe.

According to The Wrap, viewers continue their embrace of the amateur talent shows through the ratings this year. NBC's "America's Got Talent" even bested ABC's presentation of the ESPY Awards.

Will nail-biting performances like Perez's keep you watching? Pass this clip along and see if your friends squirm as well.