If your dog could talk, what would he say? Would he know you rescued him from death when he was a puppy? Would he remember all the good times you have had over the years? Would he thank you for your love and ask you to let him go in peace, now that he is old and in pain? Short film "If I Could Talk" answers all of those questions with a heartbreaking "yes."
Shawn Welling, a Houston-based photographer, choreographer and film director wrote, directed and stars in the film that depicts life from a dog's perspective. "If I Could Talk" has won numerous regional and international film festivals, including the 2015 awards for Best Director Special Jury Award at WorldFest International Film Festival in Houston and Best Short Film at East End Film Festival in the United Kingdom.

At a screening for "If I Could Talk" at Sundance Cinemas, Welling was asked why dogs do not live as long as humans. He tells the story in a Facebook post: "I could not answer that during Q&A but someone said it's because, unlike us, it does not take dogs as long to get it right."

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