Can you imagine living in a world where greens, reds and oranges were missing? If you just think about how a loss of those colors would affect the seasons, you can begin to grasp how depressing it would be — Springtime would lose a lot of its magic and fall with its color-changing leaves would seem less mysterious. When the first green buds started to grow on plants at the end of winter, you wouldn’t necessarily be looking forward to warmer times. You also wouldn’t fully enjoy summers where you can harvest a panoply of green, red and orange produce.

Brothers James and Jace Papenhausen missed out all of those things and more. They can see, but they are colorblind. Recently their lives changed for the better when their father gave them a pair of EnChroma glasses to share. The glasses helped them see colors they had missed out on for the first time.

In a video that was posted to Facebook, before the brothers took turns trying on the glasses, family members surrounded the pair with multi-colored objects. When the brothers tried on the glasses and could see the hues that they had never seen, they broke down in tears.

According to Inside Edition, 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women are colorblind. Julie Trinh an EnChroma employee said that not everyone with colorblindness benefits from the glasses immediately. Sometimes it takes a while for their eyes to adjust to the newfound colors. EnChroma sent the brothers another pair of glasses for free so that they could both experience the world in color.

Our sons James Papenhausen and Jace Papenhausen are colorblind. We bought Jim a pair of EnChroma glasses which lets people who are colorblind see colors the same way we do. Please watch this special amazing moment! It brought us all to tears! Lea N Lori Twinners

Posted by Jim Papenhausen II on Monday, May 30, 2016