A mystery man shocked a group of troops when he bought them lunch. The National Guard soldiers were on a break from training at Belmont Armory in Michigan. The group of about a dozen military men and women went to the Corner Bar, an eatery near the Army post, for lunch, USA Today reports.
As the group enjoyed their lunch of hot dogs and hamburgers, a customer walked into the establishment and noticed the group, which was all decked out in military fatigues. He told restaurant staff that he wanted to pick up the tab for every single member of that party. He said he was doing it because he wanted to thank the service members for their military service.

All told the customer, who wanted to remain anonymous, shelled out about $200 to pay for the soldiers’ lunch and their server’s gratuity. The manager of the establishment, Emma Boehms said she was shocked that someone would do something so selfless on a whim. One of the soldiers who benefited from the man’s kind gesture said that she and the other soldiers appreciated it.

“It was really nice, it was really sweet,” said Staff Sergeant Lalillian Haynes.  “We really did appreciate it. It made our day.”