When many adults see homeless people, they avert their eyes or provide unnecessary commentary that demeans the person who is down and out. Kenyatta Lewis’ daughter put adults to shame when she connected with a homeless man recently. Lewis’ daughter is only 6 years old, but she knows that all people need love and compassion.

Lewis and her daughter were leaving a store in Norfolk, Va., when Lewis’ daughter saw a homeless man sitting outside the store. The man was crying. She asked Lewis why the man was crying. Lewis said she didn’t know, so the girl went to investigate. She went over to the man and talked to him. When she found out that he was homeless and hungry, she gave the man some money and told him to try her favorite place to eat, McDonald’s. The girl’s small gesture made the man’s day. Lewis said that her daughter’s actions give her hope for a more compassionate future.

Lewis posted a touching photo of her daughter and the man on Facebook. The photo shows Lewis’ daughter literally reaching out to touch the homeless man’s hand to comfort him. When Lewis spoke to him, she found out that his home burned down and he had lost his wife. The post is beginning to get a lot of attention on Facebook. People who have seen it said that her story was “beautiful” and that she is a good parent.