William Isabell found himself in a desperate state one lonely night at home. The 79-year-old retired truck driver didn’t have any food in his house and was hungry. Isabell decided to ask for help. He called his local police station in Mt. Pleasant, Tenn. and allegedly told them that he hadn’t eaten in two days.

According to the Columbia Daily Herald, ironically the officers who were tasked with responding to Isabell’s call, Brian Gray, Nathan Bolton, Buddy Odom and Adam Runions, were eating lunch when they received the call about Isabell from their dispatch. The officers were familiar with Isabell as they were aware that his former caregiver had stolen his debit card and made unauthorized purchases with it.

The officers pooled their own money together and purchased $160 worth of groceries for Isabell. When the officers arrived at his home, Isabell was looking out of the window. He was surprised to see four police cars pull up, the Columbia Daily Herald reported. When Isabell let the officers in his home, they filled his pantry and refrigerator with a month's worth of food, according to the Huffington Post.  Isabell was floored. He said, “I didn’t need all that,” according to the Columbia Herald.

The officers said that they helped Isabell because it was the right thing to do.“Somebody needed our help and that is what we are here for,” Bolton said according to the Columbia Herald. “As far as we go, it’s just who we are and how we where raised. You put other people before yourself and you try and take care of somebody.”