Sara Shonfeld has a way with kids. The educator who founded and facilitates an introduction to music class for kids recently posted a video on YouTube that not only shows her great skill, but highlights one of the best parts of the class—cute kids. The video, which was filmed at Shalom Early Center - Great Neck in New York, was posted a little over two weeks ago and has already racked up a quarter of a million views. The comment section on YouTube provides a glimpse into the reason for the video’s popularity: the kid who was caught on camera laughing uncontrollably.

In the video, a group of kids are sitting on the floor. Shonfeld, who is off camera, is playing the guitar and singing to the kids. When Shonfeld tries to transition the song to a sing-a-long and get the kids involved, one child can’t contain his delight. You can’t see what else Shonfeld is doing off camera, but it has the kid in stitches. The little boy, who is wearing blue from head to toe can’t stop laughing. His giggling is infectious and causes many of his classmates and Shonfeld to start laughing out loud as well. One classmate even hugs the laughing boy to try to get him to settle down. Nothing seems to help. He keeps laughing right up to the end of the video.