An Arkansas college student called a group of gym-goers at a YMCA in Nashville her angels when they staged an intervention on her behalf. The woman, Lauryn Lax, was killing herself, ABC News reported. She had anorexia and was eating very little and working out 6-7 hours a day. Gym-goers at the YMCA noticed Lax’s gaunt frame and met up to figure out how to best help Lax.

The concerned gym patrons contacted Lax’s family via social media and surrounded her one day as she made her way into the gym. They let her know their concerns about her health. Lax had struggled with anorexia in the past, so she went to the hospital with them at their urging even though she wasn’t convinced that she was sick, CBS Evening News reported.

“They really hit home when they spoke out to me that morning,” told “It’s not my parents telling me what to do. It’s not doctors. It’s acquaintances, strangers, telling me it’s a problem."


Lax said to ABC News that  her struggle with her weight began when she was a preteen and turned into an obsession. “At one point in my life, it was about physically wanting to look a certain way, wanting to lose weight,” she said. “Over time it became about self-control, a feeling of empowerment over myself. I could deny myself foods and workout more than anyone else.”

While in the hospital, doctors found that Lax weighed just 79 pounds. They also discovered that her heart was desperately weak from all the strain she put on it from not eating and working out too much. According to ABC News, doctors almost had to put Lax on a pacemaker. After months of therapy and classes, Lax was able to overcome her eating disorder and focus on her doctoral studies at Belmont University.