Aneitra Kincy had had enough of her “rough life” in Atlanta, so she gave away everything she owned and moved from Atlanta to Tennessee.  Now she oftentimes sits on the side of a Chattanooga highway holding up a sign that advertises her new vocation: prayer warrior, WTVC NewsChannel 9 reported. 

The sign which says, “For God so loved the world” on one side and “I’ll pray with you” on the other side, has been an effective marketing piece for Kincy. People who see her and her sign sometimes stop and pray with her. They also bring her food and water.


Though she is mainly in the business of prayer, she does act as a counselor on occasion. "If they want to get prayer for personal stuff and certain things I ask if they feel like talking about it," Kincy said to WTVC. "Some do and some don't."

Kincy’s newfound calling is not without pitfalls. She has had to embrace homelessness to do what she believes God has called her to do.

"I had to show Him a personal way that I understood the life change that He was expecting me to make," she said according to Fox 5 Atlanta. "I got rid of my cell phone and tablet and the people in my life and emptied my life out for Christ and homelessness and that's what I'm doing now," Kincy told WTVC.