Note: Eric uses language that may not be appropriate for some viewers.

Meet Eric. Eric is a legend. Just ask him, and he will tell you, in no uncertain terms, exactly what kind of legend he is! The swearing cockatoo from Australia is such an internet sensation that the videos on his YouTube channel, Eric the Legend, have been viewed more than 4 million times.
In the video below, uploaded in April 2016, Eric has a toddler-esque tantrum at being asked to eat some broccoli. His human, Sharon Curle, tries several times to get him to "show the kiddies how nice broccoli really is," but Eric is having none of it. Curle said, "He normally likes it... truly."

Eric was hatched in September 2013, and has been providing entertainment to his Australian human family ever since. According to Curle, in an interview with BuzzFeed, Eric picked up his colorful language from her husband and son -- apparently, their local football clubs haven't performed too well lately. 

Eric's charm is in the fact that he really seems to know when to use the naughty words for hilarious effect. Parrots are usually considered the best talkers in the avian world, but we can only imagine what Eric would say about that; he certainly doesn't have anything nice to say about crows... or kookaburras... or airplanes in the sky

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