Performers Thommy Ten and Amelie Van Tass amazed judges with their clairvoyant performance on the "America's Got Talent" stage. They warmed up their act by guessing which flavors of jelly beans the judges chose, but what happened next had everybody reeling.
Before moving forward with the act, the pair ask Judge Howie Mandel what his favorite flavor of jelly bean is. His cheeky reply is, "Mel B. It's kind of a spicy chocolate." This exchange is quickly forgotten by the audience, but become a major part of the show a bit later. 

Not only can Tass accurately say how many jelly beans judge Mel B placed in a glass, but when the duo removes a curtain from a covered chalk board---everybody is amazed. Apparently, Tass is able to predict the future because listed on the chalk board was everything that occurred during the act--complete with a PS about the hope for spicy chocolate jelly beans for Howie! 

Ten and Tass are professional performers and according to The Clairvoyants website, they won the 2015 World Champions of Mentalism award. This particular award a has not been presented for 30 years. Based on this recent performance, they are without a doubt, deserving recipients. 

Is it magic or mind-reading? You be the judge. Check out the video now.