An American soldier was sent home from deployment in June 2016, a month early. "Larry S" decided not to tell his mother about the rescheduled return date and surprise her at work instead. He captured the moment on video and posted it to YouTube, where it has earned more than 640,000 views.
What's appealing about the moment is that -- after a delay of over a minute when Mom went the wrong direction -- the soldier's mother recognizes him immediately, even though he's hiding his face behind a newspaper. She walks past him at first, but once she's at the right angle to actually see his face, she stops and looks... and looks again... then once more before running into his arms.

"I swear a mother's senses get heightened when their kids are nearby," wrote Khoa Tran in the YouTube comments. It certainly looks that way in Larry's video, and it's obvious that the two are close as they enjoy an emotional extended embrace.

The relationship between a mother and her adult son can be a tricky one to navigate, but this pair seem to have it all figured out.

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