When you're stuck, sometimes you need a partner in crime to help you out. In a video posted by Rumble Español, we see just what happens when Maddie the Chihuahua's owner leaves her alone in a pen.  You'll never guess who helps her escape! 


Once the owner shuts the door and pretends to leave, it only takes a matter of seconds for 11-month old Rudy to come to the rescue. The cat doesn't hesitate to pin down the side of the entrapment so her friend is free to run and play. Now, that's true friendship.

Apparently, Maddie is a shy dog that is "afraid of his own shadow", but Rudy is a fearless feline that will do what it takes to help her very best friend. The duo are inseparable, even if they are an unlikely pair. 

These two aren't the only ones defying the odds when it comes to cat and dog friendships. In a video posted by MashUp Zone, you can see a variety of pups and cats that enjoy cuddling, playing, and grooming each other. Sometimes opposites really do attract!

Watch the video to catch a look at Rudy the cat helping Maddie the dog make a break for it. Totally cute!