You better keep one eye open the next time you are sunbathing at a beach in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico. What appears to be an ordinary beach actually has something others don't--a rock barrier that protects swimmers from being washed away in the ocean! In a video posted by Caroto Videos, we can see the mighty waves crash against the rocks serving as a protector and a natural form of entertainment. 


While the camera people are totally amazed by the sight of waves crashing into the enclosed beach, the people in the water seem to go about their business. According to Treehugger, Matador Network's Alex Scola said, "I can’t decide which I was more impressed by: witnessing the massive wave that hits the reef islands at Playa Puerto Nuevo at 0:34, or the fact that not a single person at the whole beach seems to be remotely bothered by the event whatsoever." 

Maybe the people in the video are used to a few rocks standing between them and raging waters, but we definitely aren't! Check out the video to see the big splash for yourself!