Seven and half years is a long wait to start a family. However, one family who waited that long documents the emotional joy of traveling to adopt their daughter Delaney, an orphan from Shanxi, China.  As little Delaney enters the room with a pillow printed with her parent's faces, her parents' faces beam.

"I cry every time I've seen your video (and I've watched it several times)," one viewer of the YouTube video commented.  "The emotion and love that is so obvious on the part of you and your husband is so raw and touching. I am so happy for all of you. Little Delaney is beautiful, and I hope she is doing well in her forever family."

The video shows the transition of the young girl's shyness and hesitancy with her new situation to joy and laughter as she bonds with her new parents. 

According to the U.S. State Department, American parents adopted more than 2300 children from China in 2015. The majority of those children were between one and four years of age at the time of adoption. 

Pass along this touching story of a family becoming whole. Be a good friend and warn viewers to keep the tissues handy.