When the day comes that we have to lay our loved ones to rest, we often think about how we can pay tribute to that person, and their life. Sometimes it is in song, or gathering, or even a charitable donation. But one Nebraska woman did something quite different - she displayed her late grandmother's art.

Over the years Christina Tollman saw her grandmother, Margaret Hubl, carefully construct and stitch many quilts. So displaying her artwork as a tribute to her life, love, and giving nature was an easy decision to make - and a beautiful one at that.

The church pews were draped in her grandmother's handmade quilts - as if to give each person who paid their respects a little piece of Hubl to lean on at such a difficult time.

Many of the quilts Hubl gave away, including this one pictured here below which Tollman says was a gift for her first wedding. The stunning tribute which Tollman posted on her personal Facebook page has gained over 30 thousand likes, and another 30 thousand shares.