An Arkansas mom thought her child had been abducted at a local hospital,then she found her daughter in the arms of another patient at the hospital, KAIT 8 reported. According to a Facebook post, Lory Beth Snyder had taken her infant daughter Lorelai to NEA Baptist Memorial to see what was wrong with her. After a flurry of tests and exams, Lorelai was admitted to the hospital. When all the activity died down, Lory was able to get Lorelai to rest in her hospital crib. Lory, who was tired as well, decided to take a quick nap.

When Lory woke up, Lorelai wasn’t in her bed, she was missing. Lory searched for Lorelai. She found her in another patient’s room. Lorelai was being cuddled by another woman while a group of nurses seemingly encouraged the behavior. Lory walked over to the woman and took Lorelai back to her own room. The woman who had been cuddling Lorelai followed behind her and said she meant no harm and that she should try to get some sleep. The nurses also told Lory that Lorelai was never in any danger, KAIT 8 reported.

Lory said on Facebook that she didn’t know if the patient’s intentions were honorable or not.

“While I honestly don't know if Ms Harris intentions were intend noble, since she claims to of just been trying to care for Lorelai,” Lory said in the post. “I don't know what she herself was ill with, something that could make my daughter sick. I don't know anything! I don't know what her actual intent with my child was. What she did with her. Or even how long she actually had her.”
After she retrieved Lorelai, Lory complained to the hospital. Lorelai was then moved to a more secure part of the hospital, KAIT 8 reported. Lory also got the local police department involved. The police said that no charges could be filed because the lady who was cuddling Lorelai “meant no harm,” according to KAIT 8. The hospital said no one will be reprimanded because they acted appropriately, but the hospital will investigate and consider instituting new policy changes, KAIT 8 reported.