A mom owes her life to a dog she was once considering getting rid of. According to a report on YouTube , Nola and Richard Davis knew that their children, Clara and Andrew wanted a dog, so they surprised them with a puppy one day. The family named the puppy Patches.

As Patches got older, he grew and got larger. Nola and Richard Davis thought that Patches had grown too large for their family home, so they decided to get rid of him. The Davis parents had a family meeting and told their kids that they had to give Patches away.

According to Opposing Views, Andrew wasn’t happy with his parent’s decision, so he complained. His complaint led Nola to hold off on getting rid of Patches for a little while. On the night that the Davis’ held off on giving Patches away, Patches proved his worth. The dog saved Nola and other members of the household from a fire. Patches alerted Nola that something was wrong by grabbing her on the wrist while she was taking a bath. When she got out of the bathtub, she saw the flames. Patches led her out of the house to safety. When Nola tried to go back in the house, Patches wouldn’t let her go. Then, a few minutes later, according to Opposing Views, the house exploded. Patches received an award for his heroism and the family decided to keep him.