In May 2014, actress and producer Rebecca Zamolo taught every single member of her wedding party a dance choreographed by Tiffany Moore. This may seem a bit dramatic, but spectacle is Rebecca's style. According to IMDB, Rebecca has performed as an improv actor on the Late Late Show with Craig Furguson and worked with Funny Or Die, Yahoo, and Blip TV.

Rebecca is most well known for her viral YouTube videos. She has nearly 315,000 subscribers and her videos have reached an astounding near 40 million views. Rebecca's YouTube channel includes everything from baking hacks to yoga challenges and from videos with Dance Moms child singer, actress, and dancer JoJo Siwa to lip syncing battles. Rebecca is bright and bubbly and her personality certainly shows through in her wedding dance.

The flash mob was set to "Timber" by Pitbull feat. Ke$ha. Rebecca was dressed in a short dress with feather details and sparkly white ballet flats. She led her bridesmaids, clad in one-shoulder rose-colored knee-length dresses, while her new husband led the groomsmen in a perfectly-timed celebratory dance.

Halfway through the dance, the wedding party cleared the dance floor and the groom swung the bride round and round.When the chorus came back on, the wedding party joined in once more and the dance floor was packed with fist-bumping and arm-waving. It was certainly a night to remember. Get inspired!

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