The founder of Philip James Films is an award-winning wedding cinematographer, so when he got married, he knew he had to do something special. He asked his bride to take a seat of honor at the edge of the dance floor.

The North Carolina man began telling the story of another wedding that took place 11 years ago -- his sister's -- at which a few men formed a bond and then a band, Philip and the Ushers. So for this wedding, Philip explained, he wanted to "train the next generation" of artists.

Philip then called Judah, his young nephew, to the dance floor. After a brief introduction, the two high-fived and glanced at each other as they waited for the music to begin. When it does, they move together to perform the Just Dance moves to One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful."

The two are later joined by the groomsmen and then the bridesmaids, all serenading the bride in a scene of pure joy.

The simple charm of a young boy dancing with adults and an atmosphere of sheer celebration radiates from the visuals and has earned the video nearly four million views on YouTube.

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