Several of the promises that President Donald Trump made during his election campaign pledged to reverse actions of the previous administration. The attempt to "repeal and replace" President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act failed, but Trump has been successful in other efforts to dismantle Obama policies.

1. Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces. Signed in response to a 2010 report indicating flagrant violations of labor and civil rights — including unequal wages for women and forced secret arbitration of sexual harassment cases — this 2014 executive order required companies doing business with the federal government to comply with 14 rules.

One of these rules required federal contractors to provide paycheck transparency, with comprehensive information about employees' salaries and other details. A second rule did away with employee contract clauses requiring sexual harassment issues be handled through secret arbitration — a practice that NBC News notes is often referred to as "cover-up clauses."

Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces was revoked by President Trump on March 27.

2. Fuel efficiency requirements. In 1974, the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards were put into place to increase the fuel economy of most vehicles in America, says NBC News. Obama tightened the standard, aiming for a fuel efficiency average of 54.5 miles per gallon by the year 2025.

The auto industry complained about the new restrictions, and Trump has agreed to review the tighter rule. "We will reduce burdens on our companies and on our businesses," Trump said in a March speech to a cheering crowd of auto industry workers, "in exchange, companies must hire and grow in America."

3. Trans-Pacific Partnership. The Obama administration pursued a sweeping trade agreement with 11 Pacific Rim countries, a pact the New York Times called "the largest regional trade accord in history." The intention was to "bind Pacific nations closer through lower tariffs" and serve as a buffer against "China's growing regional influence."

During the election campaign, Trump said he could broker better deals with these countries individually and promised to pull out of the agreement if he were elected. He fulfilled his promise on his first full day in office.

4. Personal finance. President Trump has taken two steps to reverse Obama-era laws designed to protect American consumers from financial funny business, reports TIME.

The first action delays implementation of a rule that prevents personal finance advisers from steering consumers toward investments that pay high commissions to the adviser; the second action reviews the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial oversight law, which aims to prevent banks from repeating practices that many feel were responsible for the Great Recession.

5. Internet privacy. Another recent move by Trump will overturn internet privacy protections put into place last fall by the Federal Communications Commission. "It's a first step toward allowing internet providers to sell information about their customers' browsing habits," says Time.

As expected, Trump's first few months in office have been surrounded by controversy, and his targeted efforts to nullify what many consider to be accomplishments of the previous administration certainly keep the conversation going.

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