A Dead WWII Soldier's Camera Was Just Found. You Won't Believe What Was On It.

In the mountainsides of Luxembourg, a U.S. Navy Captain, Mark D. Anderson, and a historian, Jean Muller, came across this camera while searching for artifacts from The Battle of the Bulge, a crucial World War II battle which took place in 1944.  With the help of a metal detector, they came across a foxhole that was dug during the battle.  In it, they found the belongings of an American soldier, Technician Fifth Grade Louis J. Archambeau. Archambeau died in the battle, but he left behind a camera with an undeveloped roll of film in it. Anderson and Muller developed the film and, this dead soldier’s photographs were revealed. These are the things that Louis J. Archambeau saw, and now we are seeing them today, 70 years later.

Company C, 1st Battalion, 317th Infantry Regiment

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