Traditional cremation and burial is getting taken to a new level.

Now, the ashes of a loved one can be made into a beautiful diamond, thanks to a Swiss company called Algordanza

"Rinaldo Willy's job is to transform dead people into precious stones," reports Vice. Willy is the 33-year-old founder and CEO of Algordanza, a leader in an industry known as "memorial diamonds."

Why is this burial alternative attractive? Willy told Vice, "Diamonds are precious, pure, clean. They couldn’t be more different from today’s cemeteries, which are places crammed with too many graves, very often neglected, and where you can’t have a real relationship with the dead."

Using a combination of machines and complex scientific process, the staff at Algordanza separate the carbon from the deceased's ashes, then convert the carbon into graphite, and use specific temperatures and pressure to create a diamond "seed."


The color of the diamond varies depending on how much boron is present in the deceased's ashes. The more boron, the bluer the diamond.

While these dazzling diamonds may catch many people's eyes, the price may be a little less attractive. Algordanza's website states, "Our service starts from € 3927 (around $4,200 USD). Size and cut of your memorial diamond determine the price." 


Despite the price, many are flocking to Algordanza, placing orders for the ashes of their loved ones to be made into precious memorial diamonds. 

Now, diamonds really can last forever.