Benjamin, lovingly referred to as 'Benji,' is the service dog and best friend to Navy hospital corpsman Joe Worley. Joe lost his leg after stepping on an IED (improvised explosive device) while at war. Joe feared for what his life would be like when he returned home to his family; he hoped that he would still be able to be a good father and a good husband despite his injury. When Benji came into the picture, he offered up a chance for Joe to feel comfortable in his daily life again. From feeling safer when he walks with a prosthetic leg to having Benji fetch his shoe first thing in the morning, Joe knows that his life has improved vastly after getting Benji. Joe says that he believes that having a canine companion can be, and often times is, the thing that really helps veterans get out of bed in the morning when they're struggling. 

Seeing Joe and Benji's relationship is so heartwarming, and hearing everything that Joe has to say about Benji is enough to convince even the biggest skeptic that canine companionship can do wondrous things for a person. At SF Globe, we love sharing stories that brighten our day, but we also feel it is incredibly important to share stories like Joe and Benji's so that other people who are experiencing similar situations might find comfort. 

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