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67 Years of Marriage in Photos - A Beautiful Tribute.
  ·   March 17, 2014
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Photographer Art Shay, 91 years old, has spent a lifetime behind the camera for Life Magazine mostly taking photos of famous people from Kennedy to Ali to Elizabeth Taylor. His favorite subject over his 60 year career? His wife Florence. Watch the video to see his latest project.
Credits: CBS Evening News

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We all deserve second chances.

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Amazing perspective!

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Sometimes, one little difference can completely change your perspective.

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The employees working at these fast food joints warn us not to order these items.

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Nothing is ever what it seems.

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She starts with: I am here today to talk about a lie.

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Sophie Starzenski documents her body changes through pregnancy.

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It's oh so good.

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Our words are powerful and can have negative effects on those around us.

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This is no ordinary feat.

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Her husband left to war only six weeks after being married. After he disappeared, she spent the next 68 years wondering what happened to him, and now she finally finds out. This amazing story and this soldier's legacy will have you in tears.

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