A Special Needs Boy Scores A Touchdown With The Help Of His Football Team
Middle school isn't easy, and quite frankly the kids can be vicious. That's why this story out of Michigan puts a big smile on my face.

These pre-teen football players notice that another boy on their team, who has a learning disability, struggles with fitting in. Therefore, they take it upon themselves to prop him up as a hometown hero, stopping the play at the 1-yard line and protecting him on the next down as he rushed the ball into the end zone for a show-stopping touchdown.

What's even more powerful about this story is how emotionally moved the "conspirators" were following their random act of kindness. One football player is in tears, recalling how this pivotal moment reinforced the importance of "caring about everyone."

Stories like this reaffirm my faith in young people. Watch below.
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Credits: CBS Evening News

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