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You Will Not Believe What This Girl Did To Her Leg. This Latest Trend Is Spreading Like Fire. WOW.
  ·   February 7, 2014
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What's depicted here might look creepy at first.
This is not an artifical leg.
Instead, this picture depicts the latest in 3D tattooing. The details and shadows in the following are so intricate and lifelike that they could make your skin crawl!
This art form gives "novelty" a new name. The creativity and artistic talent behind each one is truly inspirational.
Credits: cssdesignawards

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I definitely didn't expect THIS to happen! Wow. I'm seriously still in shock at what I just witnessed. Crazy!

August 21   ·  

There's no way anyone on the streets that day could've imagined they'd see this! Unbelievable.

September 8   ·  

This stuff works.

September 21   ·  

It was a normal game, until the referees called for a timeout between both teams. When one player saw who was on the other team though, he burst into tears. 

September 4   ·  

It looks more like an industrial power generator than anything else, but this trailer is hiding something awesome beneath its rough exterior...

September 21   ·  

We all deserve second chances.

September 10   ·  

This is no ordinary feat.

September 9   ·  

She Had 18,000 people looking at her, but this little girl silenced them all.

August 20   ·  

You'll never look at a steak the same way again.

August 22   ·  

Even the news casters can't hold back their tears after broadcasting this touching story.

September 18   ·  

They are an adventures duo.

September 21   ·  

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