Who do you think has the most difficult job in the world? The President of the United States? A heart surgeon? Military personnel? American Greetings has an answer for that question, but it may not be the response you were expecting. To demonstrate their point, they held interviews for what they dubbed "the toughest job in the world." Interviewees were shocked by the requirements. You would be too.

"If you had a life, we'd ask that you give that life up," the interviewer says, before adding that there are no vacations. He explains that the job is essentially a 24/7 gig, which, as you might expect, is off-putting to those being interviewed. But the real shock comes when the interviewer informs the candidates that billions of people currently hold the position in question. 

"Who?" one woman asks intently. "Moms," the man says. Cue the laughter and grins. 

The video was made in order to help people fully appreciate the job that moms all over the world do each and every day. We're willing to bet plenty of children called their mothers after seeing the clip. You can watch it below.