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This Pair Was Out In The Waters When They Spotted Something. UNREAL Experience!
  ·   May 10, 2014
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What are the odds of this happening? While wakeboarding no less!
Credits: Youtube

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It's clear from the picture that passerbys are stunned by this stunt. 

September 2   ·  

Photographer Evan Schiller and Lisa Holzwarth were on a game drive in northern Botswana when they encountered a massive group of thirty to forty chaotic baboons charging by them.

April 5   ·  

You'll never look at a steak the same way again.

August 22   ·  

Would you dare to put your life on the line?

March 29   ·  

When someone puts you down, you just got to stand up and fight harder.

May 5   ·  

Incredible encounter

April 27   ·  

Being a teenager can be tough and you feel like the world is against you. When your parents are on your side though, it can really help, as evidenced in this video.

September 2   ·  


June 18   ·  

This mother, stressed with four energetic young boys, vents her feelings in a totally unique way. And just wait until you see the surprise at the end! It’s both hilarious and sweet at the same time.

June 24   ·  

This is seriously incredible.

May 12   ·  

A problematic 10-year-old is sent to Bootcamp to learn how to show respect and have discipline. At first, the drill sergeant is hard and strict on the boy. But with two words, the boy completely changes the sergeant's reaction.

March 4   ·  

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