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He Was Bullied In School, So He Wrote A Song About It That Blew Everyone Away!
  ·   May 12, 2014
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This video is a testimony how one can turn a negative situation into something inspirational and motivational. Bravo!

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This is seriously incredible.

May 12   ·  


May 19   ·  

A public marriage proposal is practically a sacred moment. For someone to interrupt it is just downright rude. What this guy did, though, was worse!

October 22   ·  

The line goes around the building and out the door, but if you ask any of the soldiers if the wait was worth it they would all say yes.

October 22   ·  

You have to hear this!

May 7   ·  

I've never seen this before.

May 12   ·  

His voice sounds too familiar!

April 17   ·  

Fast forward to 2:15 when he first starts his song!

May 14   ·  

This NAILS it.

May 14   ·  

It wasn't the way she thought the audition would go, but I think she is still happy with the outcome.

October 22   ·  

Appearances can fool you.

May 16   ·  

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