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He Was Bullied In School, So He Wrote A Song About It That Blew Everyone Away!
  ·   May 12, 2014
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This video is a testimony how one can turn a negative situation into something inspirational and motivational. Bravo!

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May 19   ·  

This is seriously incredible.

May 12   ·  

The secret is fantastic, but their reactions are absolutely phenomenal! Everyone needs to watch this.

September 16   ·  

Sometimes, one little difference can completely change your perspective.

September 12   ·  

I've never seen this before.

May 12   ·  

This surfer thought she was enjoying a nice day on the water. She never expected this would happen. I'm still in shock...

September 16   ·  

Appearances can fool you.

May 16   ·  

You have to hear this!

May 7   ·  

Fast forward to 2:15 when he first starts his song!

May 14   ·  

His voice sounds too familiar!

April 17   ·  

This NAILS it.

May 14   ·  

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