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I Had NO CLUE This Was Possible! You Can Do Multiplication By Drawing Lines!
  ·   May 16, 2014
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Crazy and cool at the same time! Who knew drawing lines and dots together could ever mean something?

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So clever

August 15   ·  

Amazing Performance!

May 22   ·  

Cool it down, let a little bit of gas out, flip it over QUICKLY to watch the magic. This sodahack has got to be the KING or party tricks. You won't believe your eyes!

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What this little boy did had the whole crowd smiling. 

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The secret is fantastic, but their reactions are absolutely phenomenal! Everyone needs to watch this.

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LOVE this hack!

May 21   ·  

Kevin Richardson is a South African zookeeper renowned for being so intimate with lions that he has been accepted into several prides. What he tries to do may seem insane to most, but..

February 19   ·  


May 20   ·  


May 19   ·  

Yep, I've seriously been using aluminum foil and saran wrap incorrectly.

May 19   ·  

We all deserve second chances.

September 10   ·  

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