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You've Been Separating Egg Yolks From Whites Wrong This Entire Time. SO Cool!
  ·   May 23, 2014
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Wow, how did I not know this before? SO COOL!

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Cool it down, let a little bit of gas out, flip it over QUICKLY to watch the magic. This sodahack has got to be the KING or party tricks. You won't believe your eyes!

May 6   ·  

A friend of mine sent me this at work today, and I thought it was hilarious. It's just for laughs, so don't worry, nobody got hurt!

October 21   ·  

This is a fun little trick so you never need to peel apples the traditional way.

May 28   ·  

A simple everyday handy tip on bananas

May 27   ·  

LOVE this hack!

May 21   ·  

She was abandoned. Left outside an apartment complex and stuffed into a Walmart bag, this little girl was in trouble...

October 21   ·  

I never expected anything to react like that.

July 12   ·  


May 27   ·  

You HAVE to see what he made!

May 12   ·  

It wasn't the way she thought the audition would go, but I think she is still happy with the outcome.

October 22   ·  

We are living busier and busier lives, and any way to simplify and make things more efficient is welcome. These life hacks are great easy problem solvers.

July 12   ·  

Watch How to Peel An Apple In Just 5 Seconds! This Made My Day! Hilarious!
Life   ·   May 28
I Had NO CLUE This Was Possible! Opening a Can Without A Can Opener? Wow!
Life   ·   May 19
Daughter Discovers Mom Having Affair On Accident. Priceless!
Family   ·   October 21
I Just Put Our Baby Chihuahua In Her Crib, And She Does THIS! My Heart Sang!
Entertainment   ·   May 13
35 Genius Life Hacks Everyone Should Know, Especially #18
Life   ·   July 12
This Guy Cracks An Egg Open Underwater. The Result? Surprisingly Fascinating!
Science   ·   May 28
The Judges Said 'No.' Then Her Boyfriend Walked Out And Had Everyone Cheering
Family   ·   October 22
A Guy Cools A Coke For 3 Hours And Pours. You'll NEVER Believe What Poured Out!
Science   ·   May 6
Looked Like An Ordinary Paperclip. When He Put It In Hot Water...WHOA!
Science   ·   July 12
I NEVER Knew You Could Do this With An Orange. Everyone Should Try This!
Life   ·   May 21
A Poor Little Baby Girl Was Dumped In A Walmart Bag. But Then? This Is Too Much
Impact   ·   October 21