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This May Look Like A Quaint Cabin But The Truth Will Surprise You
  ·   August 15, 2014
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The ESCAPE cabin was designed by architect/artist Kelly Davis. Don't let the outside fool you.

This quaint cabin is actually a RV. Yes, it is actually on wheels.

The design is inspired by the latest tiny house movement where people are living with a smaller financial, environmental, and physical footprint. The motto? Less house, more life.
The cabin is around 400 square feet, larger than most 1 bedroom apartments.
Kelly Davis from SALA Architects, who has many years of experience designing modern cabins and cottages, was the chief architect on this project.
The cabin was originally designed with the intent of being a high end cottage (not a RV).
Inspiration was drawn from the famous Frank Lloyd Wright as Davis put the highest attention to detail to every aspect of the project from best-in-class quality standards to LED lighting to cedar lap siding.
Furthermore, everything was constructed entirely of recyclable or sustainable materials. The unit consumes very little power too.
Additional creativity was needed to maximize the usage of the small space. While there's no full bathroom or kitchen, functionally, one has everything he/she needs to sustain themselves in the ESCAPE cabin.
There's nothing that is underutilized. The fireplace is said to be 90% more efficient than the standard but still strong enough to survive the cold winters.
According to Escape's website, you can get the ESCAPE cabin delivered to you, and the cabin is designed to travel anywhere on the road. The current cost is around $79,000.

While the price is quite high for an RV, there is nothing out there in the market that exists that comes to match this cabin's charm and environmental friendliness.

What do you think? Would you get an ESCAPE cabin?
Credits: Kelly Davis and Escape Cabin

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