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In 40 Seconds, Watch How To Peel A Potato With Your Bare Hands. Goodbye Peeler.
  ·   June 11, 2014
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Here at the SF Globe we are always looking out for neat tricks that can make one's life easier. We were really impressed with this one.
Credits: Youtube

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He asked for these girls' numbers wearing a fat suit. I never thought I'd see this though.

September 17   ·  

When he starts singing the judges stop him, but he comes back in the best possible way.

September 11   ·  

What this little boy did had the whole crowd smiling. 

September 17   ·  

These people see bullying occur right in front of their eyes. Some of their reactions may leave you speechless.

September 17   ·  

A career-launching performance from this 14-year-old.

September 2   ·  

We all deserve second chances.

September 10   ·  

Once you see what this brave person does to these rude people, you'll rise to your feet in applause. This is truly incredible. 

September 16   ·  

He was sitting at a bench in freezing temperatures without a coat. These people had a decision to make.

September 17   ·  

When someone puts you down, you just got to stand up and fight harder.

May 5   ·  

The secret is fantastic, but their reactions are absolutely phenomenal! Everyone needs to watch this.

September 16   ·  

Sometimes, one little difference can completely change your perspective.

September 12   ·  

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